Youth Culture Change

Youth Culture Change is Overdue

There needs to be a youth culture change in the nation today.  Things change from generation to generation.  Relationships between parents and children have certainly changed.  It is most noteworthy that there is less involvement between parents and youth today.  As a result, it seems to be the “norm” when unsupervised youth are dying untimely deaths through violence.

Should We Be Complicit, Neutral or Negligent? 

The answer is “none of the above”.  Parents must discipline, train and engage with their children.  That’s a parent’s responsibility and not that of others or city officials.  So, it’s on the parent to begin the training process at home.

We Must Be Proactive in Prevention

Parents must build a trusting  relationship with their children.  They should know where and with whom their kids hang out.  When parents give their authority over to their child, they lose the respect of the child.  Young people made to attend church while growing up learn biblical principles that help them resolve problems.  Those who don’t attend church consequently have fewer role models to pattern their lives.  As a result, we live among a generation of youth who know nothing about the love of God or how to love one another.  As a result, we are surrounded by kids with serious behavior problems, disrespectful and defiant to parents and others.  Furthermore innocent youth get caught up in the midst of violent behavior.

Church Involvement

There are many societal ills today.  True Believers should go after souls, whether young or old and equip them for life and its ending.  Parents shouldn’t wait on the church to “build loving villages” for youth.  A paradigm shift in youth culture starting in the church will be a gift to parents and youth.  Most parents would welcome help coming from a trusted place.  Ordinary Christians can start creating an atmosphere where children can learn about God and life.  We all have a part in making the world a better and safer place for all, especially our children.

Home Engagement

The change should start at relationship building at home.  Above all, parents are the best and first teachers.  Children are bright and resilient.  They know how to multitask and get things done.  Parents should encourage them to work and earn their own money at an early age.  There are opportunities they can take advantage of that will teach them good ethics and produce good character in youth.  Parents should search for opportunities for children and encourage them in their efforts.