The P.O.O.R. Project

PURPOSE:  The acronym (P.O.O.R.) in our project stands for Purchase Our Own Respect.  Our purpose is to organize communities to work together towards goals to improve conditions of communities, families and education.


SCOPE:  To create and build partnerships for sustainability of relationships of families, schools and communities.  The initial focus of “The P.O.O.R. Project” (Purchase Our Own Respect) is launched to give youth a voice in issues of their own future, most specifically education and community building.  With youth taking up the mantle and volunteering to become “Agents of Change” in their communities, they can help create and build the type of neighborhood environment they want to live in.  They will also be able to help strategize on how to bring the necessary resources to their schools and communities.


BACKGROUND:  Community Families United Network, Inc. was established in 2008 and determined a 501-c-3 non-profit, charitable organization in March 2010.  Since its establishment, CFUN has targeted families and youth to create, develop and provide opportunities and services that promote a safe, healthy and economically productive lifestyle.


CFUN accepts the responsibilities to:

  • Work with PTSA of local schools to recruit students as the “Agents of change” in their communities and parents, surrogate parents, relatives and trusted friends as supporters of these students.
  • Encourage youth to find and use their talents to benefit themselves and others.
  • Sponsor supervised social activities for youth at school and in the community.  Youth need to learn how to become productive citizens of society and not destructive citizens who entertain violence.  They need to learn “tolerance” and not “bullying”; “love and not hate”.  These characteristics are possible through instruction and examples.
  • Perform the overall management and fiduciary accountability for the project.
  • Create a database of “Agents of Change” which protects the privacy of all volunteers.
  • Approve all communications and collaborations of the Media and others regarding The P.O.O.R. Project.