World’s Greatest Jobs

Foster Parent and Substitute Teacher:  World’s Greatest Jobs, a book by Lois Simmons.  It  reveals truth about managing kids with difficult behaviors.  Each job can add supplemental income for a family.  They can certainly help needy kids.  Hence, this book is a tool to recruit great foster parents.  While today, many Americans have abandoned the words of the Creator.   People have become explicit, complicit and negligent in abusively mistreating families and children.  Where’s the outrage?

While serving the Creator as a trained therapeutic foster parent, you learn a lot about the results of family separations and the emotional trauma inflicted on children.   It’s very difficult to get close to these children.  It takes a deep connection and dependency on the Creator to receive the love, patience and understanding necessary to function as a good therapeutic foster parent.  Without these qualities you could further damage an already traumatized child.  You must have a strong spiritual life to be able to look beyond faults and discover the needs within and proceed to act out of loving-kindness and tender mercy to fulfill those needs.

This book will help you make an informed decision.  Get your copy today from or

Proceeds from sales will be used to help fund The P.O.O.R. Project and establish a Village Parent Support Group.  Visit Community Families United Network at  Get more information at the following link:

Youth Culture Change

Youth Culture Change is Overdue

There needs to be a youth culture change in the nation today.  Things change from generation to generation.  Relationships between parents and children have certainly changed.  It is most noteworthy that there is less involvement between parents and youth today.  As a result, it seems to be the “norm” when unsupervised youth are dying untimely deaths through violence.

Should We Be Complicit, Neutral or Negligent? 

The answer is “none of the above”.  Parents must discipline, train and engage with their children.  That’s a parent’s responsibility and not that of others or city officials.  So, it’s on the parent to begin the training process at home.

We Must Be Proactive in Prevention

Parents must build a trusting  relationship with their children.  They should know where and with whom their kids hang out.  When parents give their authority over to their child, they lose the respect of the child.  Young people made to attend church while growing up learn biblical principles that help them resolve problems.  Those who don’t attend church consequently have fewer role models to pattern their lives.  As a result, we live among a generation of youth who know nothing about the love of God or how to love one another.  As a result, we are surrounded by kids with serious behavior problems, disrespectful and defiant to parents and others.  Furthermore innocent youth get caught up in the midst of violent behavior.

Church Involvement

There are many societal ills today.  True Believers should go after souls, whether young or old and equip them for life and its ending.  Parents shouldn’t wait on the church to “build loving villages” for youth.  A paradigm shift in youth culture starting in the church will be a gift to parents and youth.  Most parents would welcome help coming from a trusted place.  Ordinary Christians can start creating an atmosphere where children can learn about God and life.  We all have a part in making the world a better and safer place for all, especially our children.

Home Engagement

The change should start at relationship building at home.  Above all, parents are the best and first teachers.  Children are bright and resilient.  They know how to multitask and get things done.  Parents should encourage them to work and earn their own money at an early age.  There are opportunities they can take advantage of that will teach them good ethics and produce good character in youth.  Parents should search for opportunities for children and encourage them in their efforts.


Youth Working as Student Canvassers

Students want to earn own money

C-FUN is seeking student canvassers ages 8 and older to earn money by helping to build a community chest.  By using Instagram and other social media platforms, the student canvasser can make posts to invite relatives, friends, neighbors and peers to join in building our Community Investment Chest.  Once registered, donors will be eligible to win in our ongoing drawings.  Registration fee is $2.00.  Students will receive $1.00 for each successful registration.  This noteworthy option is one of several that can lead to a stream of income. 

Student canvassers must know how to use the Internet.  They must know how to send and receive emails.  If parent gives permission. they must be willing to get their student a free Paypal account to receive payment after each campaign is over.  To apply for an account, they can visit  They must have an email address to obtain a PayPal account.  C-FUN will need the email address to send payment.  They can then send the new Paypal email address to ( with your name and contact information to be added to our distribution list for notifications and payments.

Student canvassers will share the following instruction with supporters.  Tell them how to go online to, “click” on the Donation button.  After they make the payment and where it says “Add special instructions to the seller”, have them type in  Your Name / Paypal Email Account to receive your payment.  (Example: Lois Simmons/   

When we reach our goal of 5000 donor tickets, C-FUN will have a random drawing to give away 50-$25.00 cash prizes.  Prize money will be sent to the Paypal account of all the winners.  The safety of this opportunity allows the student to stay in their normal environment and doesn’t necessarily require unusual transportation provisions.  This is an ongoing project sponsored by The P.O.O.R. Project, an initiative of C-FUN.

Casting Call for The P.O.O.R. Project

Casting Call by Community Families United Network for The P.O.O.R. Project (Purchase Our Own Respect) initiative. Auditions will be held for gospel singers, praise dancers and actors to participate in our upcoming events. Participants who sell tickets to our events will receive a stipend if chosen to perform in addition to a $5.00 commission for each ticket they sell. It’s a family affair, so adults and children can audition. Call Ms. Simmons to schedule an audition @ (205) 744-0883, press # 4.  Auditions will be held in Birmingham, Alabama.

2015: Anointed For Service

CFUN Talent Search.  Thank God for allowing us to see another year.

This year, 2015, The P.O.O.R. Project (Purchase Our Own Respect) is searching for “ANOINTED TALENT”, not “AMAZING TALENT”.  God made ALL entertainment “Good”.  It only becomes perverted when we put our negative spin on it.  Perversion is opposition against an act or it is something that is directed away from what is good or right.  C-FUN desires what is good and right for our families.  We know that Alabama has some amazing talent, but we also know that God can and will anoint amazing talent for his purpose.  If you know anyone with an anointing on his/her/their talent, please direct them to us.  We would like to showcase their talent in some of our upcoming projects.  We are ready to schedule auditions.  My contact info is: Lois Simmons, (205) 744-0883, press #1 or #4 to leave me a message.

The P.O.O.R. Project is my assignment from God.  Since I started this project I can name the people that God sent to meet a special need of mine.  Much love to Ms. Yolanda Hardy at the Smithfield Public Library, Mr. Randall Woodfin, President of Birmingham City School Board & City Attorney, Ms. Angela Williams at the Park & Recreation Board in Birmingham and Mr. James Gibbs, Director of the Fitness Centers for the City of Birmingham. Through it all I’ve learned not to give up when people don’t reach back to help you because they’re not the ones God intended to use.  I press forward with his directions.  I also have some close friends who are just ordinary people like me, but will do extra-ordinary things to help me when needed.  I thank God for all of them.  So, for all those who don’t know what their purpose is in life, find a purpose of God that is worthy of your attention and begin to develop it.  Helping families and children is a purpose. Helping to feed the hungry is a purpose. Helping to educate young people and older people is a purpose. Giving support to one another is a purpose.  You can’t go wrong when you do for OTHERS, that which they can’t do for themselves or by themselves.  Let’s all climb up together.  God spoke to my heart when he gave me this assignment.  His spirit spoke these words to me, “I purchased everyone’s redemption, now it’s time to purchase your own respect”.  AWESOME WORD to me.  He accomplished this by giving the life of his only son, now what are we doing to give back to him and is it enough?  We can’t love more than God, but we can strive to love as he loves.  You can become a family member of C-FUN by going to and click on “JOIN US”.  God turned the world upside down with 12 disciples. He said greater works than these we will do, so let’s get kicking.  I love you all in Christ!!!

In His Service

Lois Simmons

God Is Processing My Life

The scripture says “Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake:  for when I am weak, then am I strong.” (2 Cor. 12:10)

God is teaching me to take pleasure in being without strength, in insults, in being pinched, in being chased about, in being cooped up in a corner for Christ’s sake; for when I am without strength, then am I “dynamite”.

Here is the secret of Divine all-sufficiency, to come to the end of everything in ourselves and in our circumstances.  When we reach this place, we will stop asking for sympathy because of our hard situation or bad treatment, for we will recognize these things as the very conditions of our blessing, and we will turn from them to God and find in them a claim upon Him. __A. B. Simpson

Sometimes circumstances will cause you to lose all to gain Christ.  Yes, even family members, the ones you hold closest to your heart.  I can’t love anything or anybody more than I love God.  He will never leave me or forsake me.  I cling to that promise and His all-sufficiency.


Foster Parent & Substitute Teacher:  WORLD’S GREATEST JOBS

Forward (Part 1)

Foster parents and substitute teachers just get no respect. So, how can I think these are two of the world’s greatest jobs?

They are, if you learn how to master them. After you’ve learned to master them, you might even develop a passion for them and not want to do any other kind of work. I know that everyone who reads the title of this book will think I’ve lost my mind.

foster-parent-substitute-teacherI had to lose what was left of my mind in order to renew my mind to truth and facts. I had to have spiritual guidance to get me to the point of knowing I needed help in what I was trying to do. As long as I tried to do things the way I thought they should work, the more I failed.

Not many people are willing to take on the position of a foster parent or a substitute teacher. There is no scarcity in jobs fostering children and if you can find schools with behavior problems, finding a substitute position is not a problem. There is always a need for both.

Some of these positions only require a high school education and a state license in various places. Some places require a little college to substitute. If you work with children today, a background check will be required.

My best advice to anyone who would like to pursue this opportunity is not to do it just to get paid. You must have a desire or some inner spirit prompting you to really want to help children or you will make your life miserable. I will walk you through my experiences in which I hope you will find that through it all, I’ve learned to enjoy what I do.

Our Creator Creates

Every idea, thought, plan, story etc. has a beginning.  You have been gifted with creative ability.  When will you begin to cause the ability on the inside of you, to work for you?  It doesn’t matter how old or young you are if you believe in possibility.  There is a path to greatness.  It begins in the mind and the heart.  Wake up!  Allow the Creator to transform your mind and your heart.  You’ll be glad you did.