Foster Parent & Substitute Teacher:  WORLD’S GREATEST JOBS

Forward (Part 1)

Foster parents and substitute teachers just get no respect. So, how can I think these are two of the world’s greatest jobs?

They are, if you learn how to master them. After you’ve learned to master them, you might even develop a passion for them and not want to do any other kind of work. I know that everyone who reads the title of this book will think I’ve lost my mind.

foster-parent-substitute-teacherI had to lose what was left of my mind in order to renew my mind to truth and facts. I had to have spiritual guidance to get me to the point of knowing I needed help in what I was trying to do. As long as I tried to do things the way I thought they should work, the more I failed.

Not many people are willing to take on the position of a foster parent or a substitute teacher. There is no scarcity in jobs fostering children and if you can find schools with behavior problems, finding a substitute position is not a problem. There is always a need for both.

Some of these positions only require a high school education and a state license in various places. Some places require a little college to substitute. If you work with children today, a background check will be required.

My best advice to anyone who would like to pursue this opportunity is not to do it just to get paid. You must have a desire or some inner spirit prompting you to really want to help children or you will make your life miserable. I will walk you through my experiences in which I hope you will find that through it all, I’ve learned to enjoy what I do.