Youth Culture Change

Youth Culture Change is Overdue

There needs to be a youth culture change in the nation today.  Things change from generation to generation.  Relationships between parents and children have certainly changed.  It is most noteworthy that there is less involvement between parents and youth today.  As a result, it seems to be the “norm” when unsupervised youth are dying untimely deaths through violence.

Should We Be Complicit, Neutral or Negligent? 

The answer is “none of the above”.  Parents must discipline, train and engage with their children.  That’s a parent’s responsibility and not that of others or city officials.  So, it’s on the parent to begin the training process at home.

We Must Be Proactive in Prevention

Parents must build a trusting  relationship with their children.  They should know where and with whom their kids hang out.  When parents give their authority over to their child, they lose the respect of the child.  Young people made to attend church while growing up learn biblical principles that help them resolve problems.  Those who don’t attend church consequently have fewer role models to pattern their lives.  As a result, we live among a generation of youth who know nothing about the love of God or how to love one another.  As a result, we are surrounded by kids with serious behavior problems, disrespectful and defiant to parents and others.  Furthermore innocent youth get caught up in the midst of violent behavior.

Church Involvement

There are many societal ills today.  True Believers should go after souls, whether young or old and equip them for life and its ending.  Parents shouldn’t wait on the church to “build loving villages” for youth.  A paradigm shift in youth culture starting in the church will be a gift to parents and youth.  Most parents would welcome help coming from a trusted place.  Ordinary Christians can start creating an atmosphere where children can learn about God and life.  We all have a part in making the world a better and safer place for all, especially our children.

Home Engagement

The change should start at relationship building at home.  Above all, parents are the best and first teachers.  Children are bright and resilient.  They know how to multitask and get things done.  Parents should encourage them to work and earn their own money at an early age.  There are opportunities they can take advantage of that will teach them good ethics and produce good character in youth.  Parents should search for opportunities for children and encourage them in their efforts.


IBeWorking4Me Club

IBeWorking4Me CLUB Work Booklet

The IBeWorking4Me Club work booklet will help when deciding prices on jobs.  The booklet will allow you to barter with employers.  Working Bees seemingly will earn money rather easily by being willing to serve others. 

Hence, many elderly people are unable to accomplish difficult tasks, they would gladly pay someone to help out. 

As a result of this opportunity, you will earn enough money to purchase another booklet. Therefore, you will have even more money to spend or save.

First of all, Bees will need to purchase a work booklet from with parent’s permission and help.  Click on “Donate” button.  Where it says “Add special instructions to the seller”, you or your parent should type in “Bee Club”.  Booklets cost $21.00 and will probably earn up to 90% profit if someone helps you purchase your booklet. 

If you work hard doing odd jobs and chores for family members, relatives, friends and church members, you could earn approximately $79.00 after you repay the person who helped you.  If someone loans you money to purchase the booklet, you can certainly pay them back. 

You can serve others by washing dishes, dusting, raking leaves, vacuuming floors or other needed household duties.  You could rack in some good money.  For the reason that people see your willingness to work, they are certainly more inspired to help you.  Most noteworthy, you should only work for people you or someone in your family is familiar with for safety reasons.

The IBeWorking4Me Club will be offering opportunities to those youth who are willing to work to have spending power.  While there is a lot of talk of youth not having activities to do, this club provides positive paths for youth to follow.  It’s presented in club form because youth like to be associated with being a part of something big.  The link below will lead you to “The Bee Club”.



Youth Working as Student Canvassers

Students want to earn own money

C-FUN is seeking student canvassers ages 8 and older to earn money by helping to build a community chest.  By using Instagram and other social media platforms, the student canvasser can make posts to invite relatives, friends, neighbors and peers to join in building our Community Investment Chest.  Once registered, donors will be eligible to win in our ongoing drawings.  Registration fee is $2.00.  Students will receive $1.00 for each successful registration.  This noteworthy option is one of several that can lead to a stream of income. 

Student canvassers must know how to use the Internet.  They must know how to send and receive emails.  If parent gives permission. they must be willing to get their student a free Paypal account to receive payment after each campaign is over.  To apply for an account, they can visit  They must have an email address to obtain a PayPal account.  C-FUN will need the email address to send payment.  They can then send the new Paypal email address to ( with your name and contact information to be added to our distribution list for notifications and payments.

Student canvassers will share the following instruction with supporters.  Tell them how to go online to, “click” on the Donation button.  After they make the payment and where it says “Add special instructions to the seller”, have them type in  Your Name / Paypal Email Account to receive your payment.  (Example: Lois Simmons/   

When we reach our goal of 5000 donor tickets, C-FUN will have a random drawing to give away 50-$25.00 cash prizes.  Prize money will be sent to the Paypal account of all the winners.  The safety of this opportunity allows the student to stay in their normal environment and doesn’t necessarily require unusual transportation provisions.  This is an ongoing project sponsored by The P.O.O.R. Project, an initiative of C-FUN.

Our Creator Creates

Every idea, thought, plan, story etc. has a beginning.  You have been gifted with creative ability.  When will you begin to cause the ability on the inside of you, to work for you?  It doesn’t matter how old or young you are if you believe in possibility.  There is a path to greatness.  It begins in the mind and the heart.  Wake up!  Allow the Creator to transform your mind and your heart.  You’ll be glad you did.

New Day-New Way

This is a new day people.

Everything around us is changing.

Guess what?  We have to change with the change.

Making changes in ones life is often difficult if you’re use to living a certain way.

Remaining the same is the reason we don’t see the results we would like to see in our lives.

So, plan to make a difference in your life and the lives of others.


You’ll be glad you did.